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About CCIMA mission

“Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads and I will give you rest” – Mathews: 11:28


Born and brought up in a Hindu poor illiterate parents as the only son at a backward village namely vetlapalem village, E.G. District in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India. In my childhood my parents used to Worship idols, and there used to practice all kinds of religious duties like giving sacrifices to several Hindu God in order to get peace and forgiveness of their sin and to get salvation. Once my father was aware the good news of Lord Jesus Christ by reading a Christian pamphlet which eventually produced him a spirit of repentance by leaving his duel life and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. God called my father as His servant to manifest the good news among unrest souls Accordingly my father started the preaching in a thatched shed with a few gathering of believers at our native village vetlapalem and reached the nearby villages as there were many people who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and many places did not submit to His Lord ship. They were remaining bound and lost without hope and salvation.

He has had the witnesses of various kinds of physical and mental torture while commissioning the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached places. No turning back though he could financial stringency at his wondrous work. Many people were experienced and witnessed by taking baptisms under my fathers leadership and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior. In light of my parents sagacious services rendered for Lords work, I had been endowed with good sense of zeal, enthusiasm while a college student both for gospel and social services for the poor needy with a passion to witness our Gods faithfulness and late my parents example convinced me that the best investment of my life as a missionary service after my remaining Life.

In accordance with the call of our Lord Jesus Christ I had been acquired Theological education at Chennai for 3 years and hailed from my native place to other place namely payakaraopeta village where God has been called me to expansion His ministry. I began our gospel ministerial with work humbly on the name of CHRISTIAN COASTAL INTERIOR MINISTRIES ASSOCIATION in the year 1996 with burden and commitment to encourage people to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation besides to render social services to the poor needy people on charitable manner. I married spiritual, helpmate in all the ministerial work and blessed with two children who are studying primary education. I had experienced all kinds of oppression like brutal attacks, hated and wrongly treated despite all these experiences the living Lord Jesus Christ mostly protected and comforted me with His Holy Spirit. Also the financial constraints though I had badly which could not deter me from His call.

God has given me a vision of seeing the body of Christ step into fullness of ” Three Fold Ministry ” ( Worship, Evangelism, and Service) The Almighty God has placed me in many responsible positions in our ministerial works along with our co-workers as a cohesive force to win souls for Christ. Our ministry began gospel ministerial work humbly to encourage people to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. Kindly pray for my vision through which Lord may be glorified. Need a helping hand to reach many people with His words and uplift the poor needy people by way of organizing many welfare programmes.

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