Children Home:

Our ministries has been founding many number of destitute orphan children nearly 657 at our backward villages(356) who are in need of food, clothes, shelter and other welfare amenities. It is regrettable to mention that these little flocks are starving like any thing and many times our hearts went broken as we saw these children who are rearing in dirty mud streets, hair matted and no proper clothes, shelter and food without any educational facilities.

Since we have been manning a Children Home with a strength of 46 children both girls and boys by way of providing them food, shelter, clothes, medical facilities along with educational facilities on free of charges at our project area Payakaraopeta by deploying them to the nearby Government Schools by providing regular intensive tuitions with qualified teachers in order to bring them as Great Citizens to our Nation with the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ. We need additional support to our home for inducting more orphans/semi-orphan children totally 150 in due course of time if our God opens His door for the welfare of our needy children.

Our need : Building for children home on immediate basis

Description of proposal: Ours is Christ centred, charitable and voluntary organization being rendered its services since 2002 with a burden, commitment the social services to the poor needy orphan children initially and other poor people on free of charges. We diligent to state that we have been providing boarding facilities with other welfare amenities to the nearly 50 inmates since 2002 in a rented building at our project area Payakaraopeta (villages) Visakhapatnam district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. We are providing food, clothes, shelter, medical aid and educational facilities. We have been paying huge amounts on rental charges in addition to that repairs and maintenance charges since its inception with severe difficulties. We felt it necessary to construct building for the benefit and welfare of our existing orphan children on our associations name. At present we do not have huge monies on our hand to construct building .We are in opinion that these children need to be taken care and their lives need to be enlightened through Gods spiritual love in action under your magnanimous support by offering your donations to construct orphanage

We are providing the following for needy orphan children:

Basic Physical Care: We are providing a clean safe shelter for residence, food, clothes, water, nurturing and medical facilities.

Educational support: We are providing a basic elementary/secondary education from 1st class to 10th class with good Teaching staff by deputing them to the nearby Government schools and also special tution classes are being attended by us with our teaching staff in every day.

Emotional Development & Care: We are providing moral instructions, supervision and maintain discipline and lovely relationship among children from time to time.

Spiritual Nurture: We are conducting regular Sunday school to our children in every week by way of nurturing them with the word of God and giving practice in Christian worship songs. Create Christian fellowship among children amicably without any discrimination in caste, creed and religion.

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